Reasons To Upgrade Your Home with Basement Waterproofing and Window Replacement

Updating an old home is a big job, but there are some aspects of your renovation that can provide a bigger bang for your buck than others.


Specifically, upgrading your basement and replacing old windows can help upgrade your home to make it more comfortable, improve energy efficiency, and increase resale value.

Whether you’re considering basement waterproofing services in Calgary or window replacement in North York, here’s some info on how to get started with these renovation projects:

Seal the Deal with Basement Waterproofing

A home’s basement can add much-needed living space, but not if it’s damp and musty.

Basement waterproofing is an important first step in turning your unfinished basement into a comfortable living area.

Start With a Basement Assessment

To deal with potential leaks and basement moisture, you need to understand where it’s coming from. This assessment is a critical step in the waterproofing process.

Inspecting the Interior

Inside your home, start your examination at the base of your walls.

Look for cracks, as these can be the primary entry points for water. Even small fissures can allow moisture to seep over time, leading to more significant problems.

  • Start your examination at the base of your walls: Look for cracks where the walls meet the floor, as these can be the primary entry points for water.
  • Inspect the condition of the walls and floor: Look for signs of water trails, discoloration, or white, powdery deposits. These are indicators of efflorescence, a mineral residue left behind by evaporating water, and a sure sign that moisture is making an unwelcome visit.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your nose: A musty smell is a telltale sign of mold or mildew, which thrives in damp conditions.

A thorough interior examination of your basement is the best way to start your waterproofing journey.

By carefully scrutinizing the internal space, homeowners can locate precise areas that require intervention, setting the stage for successful waterproofing measures.

Examining the Exterior

The home’s exterior can provide valuable clues about possible moisture problems in the basement. Here’s how to start your examination:

  • Ground should slope away from your home’s foundation, directing rainwater and melting snow away from the basement: If the grading is flat or slopes toward your house, it could be contributing to your basement’s water woes.
  • Inspect your gutters and downspouts: They should be free of debris, and downspouts should be long enough to allow water to flow freely away from your home.
  • Look for cracks or gaps where water could enter: Even small openings can be problematic, as water can freeze and expand in small spaces, causing further damage.

In some cases, finding and correcting minor exterior issues, like clogged gutters or grading, can solve water issues in the basement with minimal cost and effort.


Clear Views and Energy Savings with Window Replacement

Windows are the eyes of your home, and over time, they can become tired. Old windows often contribute to high energy bills and decreased curb appeal.

Here’s how to choose replacement options that offer style and substance as you upgrade your home.

Consider the Climate

Your choice of windows should reflect your region’s weather patterns.

Double or triple-pane windows with insulative properties are a wise investment in areas prone to harsh conditions.

They keep the elements out and your energy costs down.

Material Matters

When selecting frames, materials like vinyl or fiberglass offer durability and require minimal upkeep.

They resist warping and don’t demand regular painting like their wooden counterparts.

Installation Precision

The best windows will only perform if they’re installed correctly.

Ensure the professionals you hire for window replacement are meticulous and stand behind their work with guarantees.

Combining Basement and Window Upgrades

When you tackle basement waterproofing and window replacement in tandem, the results can profoundly impact your home’s overall comfort and efficiency.

Enhanced Protection

A waterproofed basement prevents structural damage and mold, while new windows improve insulation and reduce energy leakage.

This dual approach fortifies your home’s defense against the elements, ensuring that your space is sealed, protected, and more resilient to weather variations from top to bottom.

Increased Energy Efficiency

New windows can dramatically improve your home’s thermal performance, and a waterproofed basement mitigates the risk of dampness affecting your home’s overall temperature.

The result is a more energy-efficient environment that can lead to significant savings on heating and cooling bills.

Aesthetics and Function

New windows provide an instant improvement in visual appeal both inside and outside your home.

Improved natural light can make your home feel brighter and more comfortable.

At the same time, a dry and well-maintained basement can add valuable and functional living space to your home, which can be utilized for various purposes, from a home gym to an entertainment room or an extra bedroom.

This added space and light help to make your home instantly feel more modern and comfortable.

Improved Home Value

If your goal as you upgrade your home is to increase its resale value, these two upgrades are among the best ways to do that.

Homes with recent window replacements and a professionally waterproofed basement are often more appealing to potential buyers.

The added living space and improved energy efficiency both ensure that you’ll get top dollar if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future.

Considering Coordinated Installation

If your budget allows, consider scheduling window replacement and basement waterproofing simultaneously.

Not only will it be more convenient, as two major jobs are handled at once, you may also be able to save money by setting up a package deal with a contractor.

bay window overlooking garden

While basement renovations and window replacement can be expensive home renovation projects, the benefits they provide to your space can make the cost well worth it.

Take a look through your space, do some evaluations, and decide if one or both of these projects might be the best way to upgrade your home into the haven of your dreams.

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