Jolica Jewels and Accessories Provide Beautiful and Meaningful Gifts for Loved Ones

jolica swirl shell earringsI love finding new jewellery and accessories but I really want the pieces I wear to be unique and meaningful.

Costume jewellery is fun, but it just doesn’t add the same special touch to an outfit as a handcrafted accessory with a unique look.

So when Jolica Jewels, a company that specializes in Fair Trade accessories, contacted me about reviewing one of its pieces, I leaped at the chance.

Jolica sells gorgeous jewellery, handbags and scarves that are handcrafted in six of the world’s poorest countries by women that are offered a fair price for their wares and are able to support their families with their efforts.

I loved the fact that in addition to only offering fair trade products, Jolica also puts 5% of all sales to the Jolica Foundation, an organization that helps improve the quality of life for families and children in impoverished countries.

And to top it off, the jewellery and bags the company offers are absolutely stunning!

I received the Swirl Shell Earrings crafted by Karyawati in Indonesia to review. I tend to favour silver jewellery and the combination of the polished white shell spirals with rainbow highlights with the silver decorative attachment at the top was just gorgeous.

These hypoallergenic earrings definitely create a statement, but they are also subtle enough for everyday wear. While they stand out, they aren’t so dressy that they look out of place with jeans.

I had a great time dressing up some of my favourite outfits with these stylish earrings and I loved knowing that the woman that had created them, one of very few silversmiths in Indonesia, was getting paid fairly for producing such original jewellery.

I love the concept of buying jewellery with purpose and the choices at Jolica are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Check out the selection for yourself and help talented women in impoverished countries as you add style to your wardrobe!

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