Show Loved Ones You’re Thinking of Them with the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge-Giveaway

With technology now playing such a huge part in our lives, many people don’t get to enjoy the simple pleasure of receiving mail from loved ones as much. But there really is nothing quite like opening a card from a friend or family member to brighten up a person’s day. Hallmark has been helping North Americans share special moments for 103 years now and to bring back that simple joy of receiving an unexpected card, the company invited me to be a part of the Get Carded Challenge.

hallmark get carded challengeThe challenge was simple: send seven cards to seven people in seven days to spread a little unexpected joy to loved ones. I received a package of cards to share and they were so pretty. I especially loved some of the handmade cards featuring special embellishments for a truly one-of-a-kind greeting.

I started out by sending cards to my very best blog friends Jen and Jody. I had something to send each of them anyways and I loved the idea of adding a little something special to their packages by including a card letting them know how much I appreciate their friendship. They were both so excited and commented on how beautiful the cards were.

I also sent cards to some of my readers. I have to confess, I never miss a chance to send a card and so even if I’m just fulfilling prizing by sending out a gift card to a giveaway winner, I’ll purchase a card as well. I know that when I receive a card with what is otherwise rather ordinary correspondence, it always makes me smile. So when I received the Hallmark cards, I took the opportunity to send four cards to four of my readers and brighten up their day a bit!

I decided to use my final card to fulfill a random desire of mine and sent it to an anonymous stranger. I picked a name out of the phone book at random, filled in the person’s name, signed it “From a Friend” and popped it in the mail. I’ve received a few anonymous pieces of mail in the past and if there’s anything that can make receiving a card even better, it has to be receiving a card anonymously. The added mystery is so much fun!

hallmark cards

Hallmark is giving you the chance to take part in the Get Carded Challenge too by offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own package of Hallmark cards to share with family and friends! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about someone you would love to surprise with a Hallmark card! And if you’re a blogger that would like to take part in the Get Carded Challenge, make sure you visit the Get Carded Challenge registration page to sign up! Best of all, Hallmark is very generously offering Mommy Kat and Kids readers 30% off their purchases at all year long! Just enter coupon code BLOG30 at checkout.

I had so much fun participating in the Get Carded Challenge and it reminded me of just how much fun it is both to send and to receive cards in the mail. Next on my schedule: cards for my sisters, who are both in their final month of pregnancy! Why not take a minute to send a card to somebody you care about this month and let them know that you’re thinking of them?
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110 thoughts on “Show Loved Ones You’re Thinking of Them with the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge-Giveaway”

  1. I would love to surprise my oldest daughter with a Hallmark card. Last year she moved to the other side of the country when she finished college. It would be a nice surprise for her to open the mailbox to find a little love from home!

  2. michelle oakley warner

    i would love to surprise my mom with a great halmark card or gift, halmark has amazing stuff

  3. Pamela Fontaine

    I like to send cards to two of my aunts who now reside in nursing homes. I know they love to receive something pretty and cheerful in the mail.

  4. I’d love to surprise my best friend Alberta with a Hallmark card. Family members
    would love to receive one also.

  5. I would surprise my Aunt Madeline with a card…she was saying not long ago that she misses receiving mail because of the internet it’s almost a think of the past.

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