Easiest Ever Two-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Traditional, old-fashioned stovetop chocolate fudge is not that hard to make.

One day I’ll prove that by posting a recipe and tutorial.

But, the process is a little time consuming.

easy 2 ingredient chocolate fudge

And there are days that you don’t want to wait for your delicious homemade concoction to boil, set and cool to creamy perfection.

There are days that you just want to bite into a decadent piece of melt-in-your-mouth goodness as quickly as possible.

At times like that, my best chocolate fudge recipe is all you need. Chocolate bliss is just two ingredients and two steps away.

best chocolate fudge recipe

As quick as you can mix your favourite chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk, you’re ready to enjoy some creamy, dreamy fudge.

And the variations of this recipe are pretty much limitless.

Use dark chocolate chips and stir in a cup of walnuts before spreading the fudge into the pan.

Or, use white chocolate chips and coconut extract for a tropical treat.

I added one teaspoon of peppermint extract to my fudge to satisfy my craving for mint chocolate.

easy two-ingredient chocolate fudge

Pecans, crumbled cookies, raisins or crushed candy canes can all be stirred into your fudge before it’s pressed into the pan to set.

The end result is always perfect and will satisfy the cravings of the most die-hard chocoholic.

With fudge this easy, you may never want to bother with traditional stovetop fudge!

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easy 2-ingredient chocolate fudge

best chocolate fudge recipe

Best Ever Two-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge

Yield: 64 pieces
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cooling Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes

Mouth-watering quick and easy fudge recipe that can be customized in a snap.


  • 3 cups Chocolate Chips
  • 1 10- oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk


  1. Combine chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in bowl. Microwave at 50% power for approximately three minutes, stirring after each minute until smooth. Alternatively, combine chips and milk in saucepan and stir constantly over medium-low heat until smooth.
  2. Pour into greased foil-lined eight-inch square pan and let cool until set. Lift fudge out of pan using the edges of the foil as handles and cut into one-inch squares.


Fudge can be wrapped and frozen for up to three months. Thaw unwrapped at room temperature before serving.

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Nutrition Information:
Yield: 64 Serving Size: 64 pieces
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 58Total Fat: 3gSaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 2mgSodium: 8mgCarbohydrates: 8gFiber: 0gSugar: 8gProtein: 1g

160 thoughts on “Easiest Ever Two-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Recipe”

    1. Nope! It’s actually an old recipe my mom used to make when I was a child. Since there are only two ingredients, I’m sure there are many variations of it out there, though. :) Hope you enjoy this one!

  1. I don’t quite understand, you said to melt choc. chips & S.C. Milk in microwave till smooth. Then you said to alternatively combine chips & milk in saucepan over medium-low heat until smooth. Couldn’t you just cook everything in the saucepan over med.-low heat?

    1. Hi LaVerne! Alternatively basically means “instead of, if you prefer.” So you just choose the method you like best, stove-top or microwave, and use that one. :) Hope this helps!

  2. Sinc e every can of condensed milk I found says 14 oz, how much more of the chocolate chips would we need? Hate to waste the milk..

    1. Hi Maime! Sorry for the delayed response on this! Some people still get good results just using the extra sweetened condensed milk without adding more chocolate, but for the most part, I’ve found an extra cup of chocolate chips (so four cups total) will give you that perfect fudge texture when using the larger 14oz. can. :) Hope this helps!

  3. I just made this fudge with 2 bags(4 cups)of semi sweet choc chips…1 can(14oz)condensed milk & 3/4c of chopped walnuts
    It turned out PERFECT???

      1. I have made 3 batches all different from the walnut fudge…4 total batches? I made white choc cinnamon…
        peanut butter &
        choc peppermint
        I plan on making 4 more…all different batches for a total of 8 batches of assorted fudge…
        I plan on making asst fudge plates as little gifts for my girls at work & hostess gifts to different Christmas party invites….this turns out so creamy & delicious & is the easiest fudge I have ever made….I was always so skeptical with only 2 or 3 ingredients…
        Finally at 69yrs old I decided to give it a try & have been kicking myself for not doing it a long time ago…
        So happy I saw this on Pinterest & gave it a try?

  4. I just made this fudge with 2 bags(4 cups)of semi sweet chips…1 can(14oz)condensed milk & 3/4c chopped walnuts?

    1. Hi Cathy! You can actually buy vanilla flavoured chips that you could use in this recipe to create a vanilla fudge! I would add an extra teaspoon of real vanilla extract for even more creamy vanilla flavour. :) If you give it a try, please do let me know how it turns out!

  5. Sounds like a delicious recipe and I am definitely going to have to try it sometime… I’ve never tried fudge before so I’ excited…

    1. Oh you will LOVE it, Lemonade! :) My favourite thing about this recipe is that I can switch it up to another flavour so easily. Making it with peanut butter chips instead of chocolate and then stirring in Reese’s Pieces is heaven!

        1. Oh the possibilities are endless. :) Using white chocolate with either rainbow sprinkles or Smarties candy stirred into it is another fun one. And using butterscotch chips makes an amazing butterscotch fudge. Or an amazing fudge can be as simple as adding a bit of orange or mint extract to the traditional chocolate fudge. Lots of times, that’s all I’ll do to add a little gourmet touch to my regular recipe!

  6. This is truly great recipe. I have been making it for years and have aslways used the 14 ounce s.c. milk and have never had a problem, even with every flavor add-in I’ve tried…. Maybe 20!! Half butterscotch half semi sweet chocolate is my favorite.

    1. That is great to know, Tay! Here in Canada, 10oz is the standard size of a can, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with those extra four ounces. I know I’ve seen recipes with both amounts, though! Sweetened condensed milk is such amazing stuff :D

    1. Hi Deb! 3 cups of chocolate chips is 525g, and a 10 oz. can is 300 ml. And absolutely it can be frozen! I’ll often make fudge early and freeze it for the holidays by wrapping it first in plastic wrap and then again in aluminum foil. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions! :)

    1. Hi Ashleigh! The answer to that would vary a little bit depending on the chocolate you choose, but when made with semi-sweet chocolate chips and cut into one-inch squares, a piece of fudge would have 78 calories and about ten grams of carbs. I’ve added a nutritional label above for you as well; hope this helps!

      1. Brenda Marsden

        I just wanted to make a comment. I have lined my 8×8 pan with plastic wrap for years or parchment paper. I just give the pan a light spray with non stick spray so the plastic sticks to the pan. Line the pan with the plastic wrap then pour in the melted fudge. I then top the fudge with another layer of plastic wrap. When chilled tip the pan upside down knocking the fudge out onto the cutting board peeling off the plastic from both sides. Cut while cold into desired sizes. I cut the 8×8 into 4 to wrap to give as a family gift or for daintier gifts I cut into 1″ cubes and set them into candy chocolate wrappers. Just remember 1″ cubes dry out very quickly so do them just before the gift giving.

        1. Thanks so much for sharing, Brenda! I’ve used parchment paper instead of foil before as well, but I wouldn’t have thought to use plastic wrap! I like the idea of covering the top to be able to turn the whole block of fudge out onto a cutting board. :)

          1. Brenda Marsden

            Welcome Kathryn. I sink the top layer of wrap right into the fudge then smooth with my offset spatula for a smoother looking fudge as well pushing the sides and corners evenly into the pan. Works far better than the spatula or spoon on the fudge directly. Mind you then you don’t have a mucky spoon to lick clean!! ha ha

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