Find Your Downy Scent Personality and Customize Your Clothes-Giveaway

If there’s one laundry product I absolutely love, it’s Downy Unstopables. The sweet aroma it adds to my laundry is so appealing. The Fresh variety is my absolute favourite for towels and the Lush scent is heavenly to add to sheets and bedding. But now, Downy has a fun new way to add scent to clothes and fabrics and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

By combining Downy Infusions Fabric Softener with Downy Unstopables Scent Booster, I can create a special unique scent that will keep clothes smelling great for up to twelve weeks! I started by heading to the Downy website and finding my Scent Personality with the help of Amy, the “fortune smeller.” This little virtual personality test was so much fun, and I learned my love of Lush Downy Unstopables and Cashmere Glow Downy Infusions made me a Viva la Firecracker!

downy infusions unstopables prize pack

Then it was time to check out my scent in real life! I combined my beloved Lush Unstopables with Cashmere Glow Infusions the next time I washed my bed sheets and the result was fantastic! The scent was relaxing and mellow, and I loved the difference adding the fabric softener made to the original Lush scent.

Want to come up with your own scentsational creation? Downy is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing Downy Infusions Orchid Allure, Downy Infusions Cashmere Glow, Downy Infusions Spice Blossom, Downy Unstopables Lush, Downy Unstopables Shimmer and Downy Unstopables Glow, a $60 value! To enter to win, just check out the Downy Fortune Smeller and leave a blog comment about what your Scent Personality is. You can even get a great money-saving coupon at the same time!

No matter what scents have you feeling happy, you’ll be able to create the perfect combination for your clothing with Downy Infusions and Downy Unstopables laundry enhancers. The fresh fruitiness and feminine florals will have you enjoying your own special aromatherapy experience all day long! Grab your favourites and create your own custom scent!
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