Keep Your Pet Hydrated with a PetSafe Canada Drinkwell Pet Fountain

With an almost full-grown dog and a Bengal cat in the house, we go through a fair amount of pet food…and even more water. The two animals love to chase each other and play games with the kids. And after a round of playtime, they’re always thirsty.

But, even more than that, Hermes the Bengal cat just can’t get enough water! Like most Bengals, he loves to play with water and often jumps up to the sink as soon as he hears the tap running.


I’ve thought for some time about getting the two animals some sort of dog or cat fountain instead of their standard metal dish on the floor. And luckily for me, PetSafe Canada came to my aid and gave me the chance to review its new Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain!

A PetSafe dog or cat fountain is a step up from traditional water bowls in many ways. The aerated water stays fresher for longer, which makes it more appealing for animals.

Many also contain filters to help remove debris and any off odours. And, of course, the moving water is often more appealing for pets and encourages them to drink more.


The Pet Fountain I received boasted a capacity of almost two gallons…just what I wanted for our multi-pet household.

I especially liked that the flow of water from the fountain could be adjusted to a mere trickle or turned off completely when desired.

The square shape was also a plus, since it fit neatly into a corner instead of taking up a large amount of floor space like a round dish would. But as much as I liked the new fountain, the animals liked it even more!


Seeing the way Hermes ran to the dish as soon as it was in place was adorable, and I loved watching him dip his paws daintily into the water. He had so much fun playing and splashing that Baby Cormac couldn’t resist joining him, too!

Meanwhile, Hades the miniature black lab was enjoying the new fountain just as much…though he didn’t play in it like the cat! He especially seemed to like the bigger size compared to our previous water dish.


To help make my life easier, the Drinkwell 7.5 Litre Pet Fountain also features carrying handles built into the side, quick and easy assembly and the water valve that lets me turn off the stream of water if I want a quieter house.

Like so many of the products from PetSafe Canada, Drinkwell Pet Fountains are the perfect blend of style, function and innovation.

The fresher water helps keep my pets healthy, the animals both love the fountain and the large capacity makes my life easier since it needs refilling less often!

Check out the PetSafe Canada website for its full line of pet fountains, feeders, waste management solutions and more. No matter what your pet’s needs are, PetSafe Canada is likely to have a solution that you and your furry friend will both love!

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  1. I like the white one. This would be great as I feel like I am constantly filling the water bowls. I worry our guy would pee all the time though!

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