Control Your Pet’s Barking with the New PetSafe Canada Spray Bark Collar

Almost a year ago, we surprised our boys with something they’d been wanting for years…a puppy of their own! Hades was a rescue dog, so we didn’t know much about his lineage or history. But luckily for us, he grew to be an intelligent and good-natured dog with a lot of energy.

He does still have one or two issues to work on, though. He refuses to stay out of my herb garden. He has a bad habit of chewing up some of the baby’s toys. And he has some issues with random barking.


Since Cormac still naps every afternoon, the barking is something that’s potentially very disruptive to my day. And so when PetSafe Canada, who provided me with the animals’ beloved Drinkwell Cat Fountain, offered to let me try its new Spray Bark Collar, I couldn’t wait to test it out.

This collar works on basically the same principal as using a spray bottle on a misbehaving pet…something we’ve had to do often for our mischievous Bengal cat! But since the spray is incorporated into the collar itself, it takes away the pressure on me to be constantly alert and ready with a bottle!

The spray itself comes in two varieties, a simple unscented version and, for more water-loving animals that might not mind regular spray, a harmless Citronella scent. Each spray canister is good for 35-40 sprays.


So how does the Spray Bark Collar work? Essentially, the collar is activated by the sound and vibration of a dog’s bark. Once it’s triggered, it releases a light burst of spray to distract and quiet the pet.

What I liked most about this system was that I could put it on Hades at specific times. I want him to bark if he needs to go outside, or if somebody is coming up to the house. I don’t want him barking when he’s in his crate for a rest during the day or when he encounters people and animals on a walk.

For Hades’ personality, this collar worked perfectly. The light bursts of spray didn’t upset or frighten him in any way, but simply distracted him from what he was doing. Within a few days of wearing the collar when we were out on a walk or when he was in his crate, I noticed a significant reduction in his barking and whining. Within a week, he’d stopped almost completely.


The collar charges with a simple USB charger, and is water-resistant so that it can be used indoors or out. The cartridges are recyclable and easy to replace but for a quick-learning dog, one set of cartridges may be all that are needed.

If you have a dog that has issues with barking, the Spray Bark Collar may be the answer that you’ve been looking for. Learn more on the PetSafe Canada website and find the collar at select retailers to help you enjoy a peaceful household again!

43 thoughts on “Control Your Pet’s Barking with the New PetSafe Canada Spray Bark Collar”

  1. We have a dog who is 16 years old and still loves car rides. But only when hubby takes her. When I take her means we are going to the vet and she doesn’t like that.

  2. Christine Topley

    Fun Fact: My Springer Spaniel girl Tracker can find a mouse, mole, or any critter nest (sad when it’s a bunny nest though). It’s funny watching her in the snow as she dive bombs underneath and you can hear her breathing and sniffing along while her body makes the snow heave up as she goes along.

  3. A fun fact about my Dusty is he loves carrots and begs at the fridge every morning tell he gets one !!

    1. Cooper loves chasing the laser pointer and I mean to the point where our 2 cats just stare in confusion wondering if he realizes he’s not a cat. I didn’t even know a product like this existed I feel like it would do wonders for him and I’m happy to know this exists instead of the only option being a zapping collar which I could never do.

  4. My dog is obsessed with car rides! Hes jumped into a couple of strangers cars thinking it was open for him!

  5. would be interested to try! a fun fact , our oldest cat is 15 years old, has lived in 3 provinces and loves to eat luttuce and bits spinach !

  6. I wonder if this would be of benefit to my German Shepherd. She was rescued from an unfit home and wasn’t socialized from a young age. She literally thinks that everyone walking past our house and every squirrel that walk along the fence is trying to get into her territory. Thanks for the chance to win this and try it out.

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