5 Tips for Healthy Living in Your 30s for Women

When I reached my 30s some years ago, I was lucky to not notice too many changes in my body at first. But as I then reached my mid and late 30s, I was shocked by some of the changes taking place.

My skin lost a lot of its youthful tone. I had a harder time losing weight. And the weight I did gain sat on my body differently.


Of course, while I know some of the changes are inevitable, I still want to build some healthy habits to help keep myself looking and feeling good for as long as possible!

These are my top 5 tips for healthy living in your 30s, and beyond!

1. Watch What You Eat

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Your metabolism starts to slow as you age. This means that you may need to switch up your diet to ensure you’re still getting the right amount of calories and nutrients that you need.

Go for a balanced diet that’s rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, and protein. Include foods rich in calcium, magnesium, folic acid, and vitamin D to counter the loss of bone mass.

Meanwhile, supplements for calcium, magnesium and other nutrients can help in meeting nutritional intake and keeping organs healthy. It’s also beneficial to try a probiotic for gut health.

2. Work Out Your Muscles


When staying healthy, diet is only one part of the equation. Incorporating exercise into your routine not only helps in keeping your metabolism high but also keeps the loss of muscle mass at bay.

Strength training is recommended, but any form of exercise that gets you inspired and motivated goes a long way to keeping your body fit and strong.

3. Care For Your Breasts

Some parts of your body require extra care and attention when you reach your 30s, like your breasts. As much as possible, wear comfortable and supportive bras. Eat foods rich in antioxidants to keep breast cancer risks as minimal as possible.

Examine your breasts regularly for lumps. Some of these lumps may just be benign cysts. Nevertheless, consult your doctor if you notice any changes. Remember that early detection is key to a higher chance of recovery.

4. Set a Skincare Routine


Adult acne is a very real concern that can pop up in your 30s. It may be a result of hormonal changes, stress, or a high glycemic index diet.

Having a set skincare routine can help address breakouts, but it’s important to make sure that the products you use don’t contain harsh chemical ingredients and that they’re formulated for your specific skin type.

Besides adult acne, you may also notice the appearance of fine wrinkles around your eye and mouth areas. This is a natural process as your skin starts to lose elasticity with age.

However, you can slow the development of these lines by keeping your skin hydrated, exfoliating regularly, using antioxidant-infused products, and wearing sunscreen when going out.

5. Get Regular Medical Check-Ups

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Going to the doctor may not be your favorite thing to do, but it’s important to keep track of your overall health. Regular check-ups help ensure that you catch potential health issues way before they become a serious problem.

If there’s anything you’re especially concerned about, ask! It can be helpful to jot down a list of potential concerns so you don’t forget to mention anything during your appointment.

Of course, there’s no way to stop the aging process completely, and I’ve had to just accept that when I gain weight now, it goes to my stomach more than it used to.


But making sure I have good muscle tone and a balanced diet, as well as following these other tips for healthy living, sure does make me feel in control of those changes!

After all, our bodies have carried us through life for over three decades already. With a little care, we’ll be strong, thriving and embracing new experiences for decades to come!

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