Why You Should Consider the Selina Hotel in Astoria, Oregon For Your Next Historic Adventure

Astoria, Oregon is a city with a rich history and plenty of attractions. And exploring the area is even better when you choose the right hotel as a home base!

The Selina Hotel Astoria Oregon, is the ideal home-away-from-home you’ll love. Sitting smack in the center of the scenic city, the hotel is the perfect place to enjoy Astoria’s beautiful scenery comfortably.

The hotel itself has its roots deep in history. The Selina Commodore is situated in the Lewis Building, a three-story that dates back to 1925. If you’re a lover of antiques, then starting your tour of the city from the hotel—an antique itself—is nothing short of perfect.

But there’s much more to love about the Commodore Astoria. Whether in comfortable summers or the city’s cold winter, the hotel exudes warmth, a fortress where everyone is welcome. 


The building features urban-inspired standard rooms and suites, an on-site restaurant, and friendly staff that make your stay feel very much like home. 

Wondering what to expect when you check in? Here’s a few of the features that make the hotel such a great choice:

What to Expect at the Selina Commodore Astoria

A Tour-Friendly Site

The Selina Hotel Astoria is a haven that tourists target because of its strategic location. The city of Astoria, Oregon brims with tons of outdoor fun, attractions, and activities, and the hotel happens to be right in the middle of it.

You came to see sights and take in the beautiful scenery, didn’t you? Where better to start from than from the center of it all?

Just five minutes from the hotel is one of the city’s biggest attractions, the Astoria Riverfront. You can take leisurely evening strolls, or get on the Astoria Riverfront Trolley and follow its ringing bell down the city. The trolley’s thoughtful design takes its tracks through some of the city’s top historical landmarks. 

You can easily access several other tour-worthy sites from the hotel. The Columbia River Maritime Museum and Flavel House Museum are both about a ten-minute walk from the hotel.

Kick off each morning with a visit to some of these sites. You likely won’t need to go too far to have all the fun you desire. There are more than enough attractions nearby.


Free Parking

As you drive yourself and your family right up to the hotel, one thing you won’t have to worry about is parking space. The hotel offers free public parking for all visitors.

And unlike many hotels, there’s no need to worry about making a reservation; simply park and go. You won’t have to rack up bills for parking no matter how long you spend in the hotel.

Modern-Inspired Rooms With a View

The building itself may be an antique, but the Commodore Astoria’s rooms are anything but antiquated. As you check into your room in the hotel, you’ll begin to note the difference.

The hotel offers three different types of rooms; the Micro, the Standard, and the Suite. The room designs are modern-inspired, with varying bed sizes, flat-screen cable TV, DVD players, and even an iPod docking station. Almost everything you need is in your space, making it the ideal home away from home.

Know what makes these rooms even more amazing? You get a beautiful view of the Columbia River and the city’s stunning landscape from the Standard and Suite rooms.  You can start seeing the sights without taking a step out of your hotel room.

Satisfy Your Palate With Delicacies

Food is life. How complete is any vacation without enjoying local delicacies? While there are restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the hotel, you don’t have to look for one. You can dine, snack and drink as much as you want at the Selina Commodore’s on-site restaurant.

Consider starting your mornings with a wholesome breakfast before hitting the road to take in Astoria’s beautiful scenery.

Excellent Hospitality

The room isn’t the only thing about this hotel that will make you feel at home. From the moment you walk into the Selina Commodore, you’ll notice there’s something different about its customer service. The hotel aims to please, and treats you like a king. 

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed with warm smiles by the friendly reception staff. And the round-the-clock front desk will always be available to check you in and out. The hotel offers excellent daily housekeeping as well.

All-Round Entertainment

After a long day of touring the historic city, you’ll likely want to kick back with some form of entertainment. The Commodore Astoria has everything to cater to this need. 

Consider relaxing and enjoying movies from the free DVD library with over 100 films. Or use the free Wi-Fi so you can surf your favorite sites from anywhere within the hotel. 

The hotel caters to book lovers too. Its beautifully designed library contains hundreds of books. It’s the ideal place to lose yourself in a story and unwind after sightseeing.

Alternatively, there are newspapers in the lobby if you prefer to keep in touch with the world this way. There’s something to enjoy for everyone.


From the historic building to the modern-inspired rooms and entertainment, the Selina Hotel Astoria is the perfect hybrid of the antique and the contemporary. The hotel is a haven surrounded by adventure—all the experience that the city of Astoria offers.

If you’d like to get more out of your stay, take advantage of all the hotel’s amenities. When you combine that with the sights and scenes of the city, there’s a high chance you won’t want to leave…especially if you’re there for more than a few days. 

Get a stunning view of Astoria, Oregon. Watch the sunrise and the sunset before stepping out, or turning in for the night. Those magical scenes will likely remain with you for a long time. 

If you’re only at the hotel on a short visit, you may soon find yourself planning a return trip!

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