5 Things To Know About Mommy Makeover Surgery

Pregnancy and childbirth are magical, there’s no doubt about it. But they are hard on the body as well, leaving many women feeling less than pretty after giving birth.

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For some, a bit of time may be all that’s needed to bounce back and feel good again. But some women have a harder time accepting some of the more permanent changes that having a baby can cause to the body.

That’s how the mommy makeover was developed. A custom package of cosmetic procedures, it was designed to target areas that are of concern after giving birth, and help women regain their pre-baby appearance.

Looking for more details about mommy makeover surgery? Here are 5 main things you should know:

1. How Long Does a Mommy Makeover Take?

A surgeon will generally take between three to five hours to complete the procedures in a mommy makeover package.

Remember, depending on a woman’s specific needs, this time may be longer or shorter. The more procedures that have been packaged together for a mommy makeover, the longer the process.

Recovery generally takes multiple weeks, especially if there has been work done in multiple areas. You may want to ask your surgeon beforehand about a breakdown of tummy tuck recovery week by week to get an idea of your recovery time.

2. What Procedures Are Involved?

The beauty of mommy makeover surgery is that it custom tailors the procedures to only cover areas of concern for a new mom.

Most women design a makeover package to include a tummy tuck, a breast lift or other breast augmentation, and potentially additional procedures such as laser scar removal, liposuction, or other procedures.

No matter what procedures you’re most interested in, make sure to do some research and read reviews so that you can find a board-certified plastic surgeon whose opinion you trust to complete your cosmetic surgery.


3. How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the types of procedures in a package and the number of areas you want to target, the cost can vary quite a bit for a mommy makeover.

Your surgeon’s location, any potential package savings, and potential insurance coverage for the cost will play a role in the total price as well.

However, as a general starting point, expect to pay between $15,000 and $20,000 for a mommy makeover package that includes multiple procedures.

Some cosmetic surgeons may also offer options for financial assistance, such as payment plans or loans, which could be worth considering if the out-of-pocket cost is beyond your means.

4. What Is Recovery Like?

When you leave after a mommy makeover surgery, keep in mind that it may take up to six weeks until you feel like yourself again.

Make sure to avoid strenuous exercise for at least four weeks. During this downtime, it may be recommended that you do some light walking around the house to help boost circulation.

There may be some swelling in the first few weeks following your procedure, but your results will consistently improve over the year after your surgery.

Take your time adjusting to recovery, listen to your doctor’s recommendations, and don’t strain yourself. It may be best to hire childcare during this time to avoid heavy lifting and the need to move around frequently.


5. Things To Consider

As much as you might think you want a mommy makeover right away, you should definitely wait if you’re planning on having more children in the future.

Many of the procedures that are packaged into a mommy makeover are recommended as one-time surgeries that should not be repeated, and getting pregnant again after the process could undo the results.

If you’ve decided the time is right to move forward, try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible for about a month before the procedure. Avoid smoking and drinking, and make sure you’re eating plenty of whole foods and exercising regularly.

The healthier you are going into your mommy makeover surgery, the quicker you’ll likely be able to recover and enjoy the results.

The Bottom Line

Mommy makeovers aren’t for everyone, but they can be a good option for those that are sure they want to deal with multiple body concerns all at once.

As with any cosmetic surgery, though, there are lots of considerations. Make sure to take your time and consider the timing, cost, and limitations you’ll have during recovery.

No matter what you decide, remember that your body is strong and magical. After all, it gave you your precious bundle of joy!

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