Transform Your Bathroom with Elegant Wall-Mounted Basin Taps

In recent years, wall-mounted taps have transitioned from being a luxurious accessory to a must-have in many modern bathrooms, embodying a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

This shift is likely due to an evolution in bathroom accessory design, which is leaning towards sleeker and more streamlined options. 

modern bathroom with wall-mounted tap

These sink taps don’t just provide water as needed. They act as a decor element, elevating the overall ambiance of your bathroom.

If you’re planning a bathroom upgrade, a wall-mounted tap like these black wall-mounted basin taps can be a great addition to your bathroom renovation.

The Rise in Popularity of Wall-Mounted Taps

So, why exactly are wall-mounted sink and basin taps exploding in popularity? Here are just a few of the reasons they’re a top choice in bathrooms today:

Modern Aesthetic Appeal

The design aesthetics of wall-mounted taps have captured the attention of homeowners and interior designers alike.

These taps, with their sleek designs and modern lines, have the power to transform a mundane bathroom space into a contemporary masterpiece.

Recently, they have been prominently featured in a plethora of home design magazines and blogs, testifying to their increasing appeal.

Space-Saving Features

Wall-mounted sink taps are a great choice for space efficiency, creating an illusion of a more spacious bathroom area.

Particularly beneficial for small bathrooms, they free up valuable counter space that can be used to house other essential bathroom accessories.

Their compact design and elevated installation give your bathroom a neat, organized, and spacious look.

Easy to Clean

A somewhat overlooked advantage that comes with the installation of wall-mounted basin taps is the ease of cleaning.

The elevated design means fewer crevices and corners for dirt and grime to accumulate, promoting hygiene and cleanliness.

The availability of more space around the sink also allows for easy wipe-down cleaning, making maintenance cleaning a breeze.

How Wall-Mounted Basin and Sink Taps Work

Installation Process

Installing wall-mounted basin and sink taps is likely a job best left for a professional plumber, as in-wall installation and modification can be more difficult than a standard tap install.

The plumber will ensure the appropriate plumbing lines are in place and select the compatible hardware for a secure and leak-proof installation.


One of the great things about wall-mounted taps is that they’re very user-friendly.

Using either a single rotating lever, or two different levers for hot and cold water, they blend form and function, letting you choose a design that caters to all family members.


Proper maintenance is vital in ensuring the longevity of any sink taps. That’s why choosing a wall-mounted tap with a design that allows for easy maintenance is a must.

Some wall-mounted sink and basin taps may not have options to allow for easy access in the case of needed maintenance or repairs.

Take the time to check the design options for your tap, and choose one that has features that allow you to access the plumbing in case of an emergency.

Integrating Wall-Mounted Sink Taps into Your Home Design

Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

Selecting the right wall-mounted basin tap can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

The taps are available in a range of finishes, including black, chrome, brass, nickel, and gold, each adding a unique touch to your space.

Keep the finish of your drawer handles, shower door, and light fixtures in mind when choosing your tap, to ensure that they match one another to create a harmonious look.

Kids-Friendly Designs

For families with young children, opting for kid-friendly designs is always a smart idea.

Child-friendly taps come with safety features like cold start technology and anti-scald device controls to prevent burns.

They’re also designed to be easy for children to use and adjust, helping to encourage handwashing and good hygiene.

Environmental Benefits

Keeping eco-friendliness in mind when installing a new tap helps both conserve water and save you money on utility bills.

Many tap models come with low-flow features that use less water than traditional sink and basin taps.

Additionally, many manufactures have started focusing on environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, letting you choose a tap that was made with consideration for the earth.

wall mounted tap and sink

A bathroom renovation is a great way to bring new life to one of the most forgotten-about rooms in the house.

And adding the beauty and functionality of a wall-mounted tap is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh and elegant look.

Check out the different designs and finishes available, and see if one of them could help give your bathroom the sleek, contemporary style you want.

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