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The new school year is in full swing and the stress of shopping for supplies, updating wardrobes and organizing transportation is finally over. But my boys being back in school does mean that I now have another concern…their health! Between the colder temperatures and the exposure to so many kids (with so many germs), colds and flus are almost expected come fall.

And with a newborn in the house, that’s something I want to avoid if I possibly can! That’s why I was excited to learn about some great products from A. Vogel that help boost a student’s overall health. I received Echinaforce Junior Tablets, Bio-Strath Original Elixir and Aromaforce Lavender Essential Oil to review recently and as soon as I read up on the products, I knew they’d be essentials in our house all winter long.


My favourite product in this arsenal is the A. Vogel Echinaforce Junior. Designed especially for kids, the chewable tablets contain extracts from the root and leaf of the Echinacea plant. I just give my boys each a dose along with their daily multivitamin to ensure that their immune systems are working at maximum efficiency. And the best part is that they can safely take the supplement all winter long to help prevent illness and reduce the duration of any colds and flus they do catch.

To assist with mental health and help minimize stress, I turn to Bio-Strath Original nutritional yeast supplement. I’m especially worried about my oldest son’s stress levels this year, since he’s in late-start French immersion this year. It’s a very intensive program and I want to ensure he’s at peak mental and emotional health.


Bio-Strath Original Elixir ensures exactly that, with a balanced blend of B vitamins and 61 vital substances including lecithin, mannan, beta-glucan and more. When the body is dealing with additional stress, the supplement helps ensure that my boys still have the nutrients they need to stay healthy and alert. In fact, a clinical study found that users of Bio-Strath showed a 64% improvement in concentration, vitality, physical performance and mental efficiency.

Finally, to ensure both boys get the rest they need each night and awake ready to tackle a busy day, I use Aromaforce Lavender essential oil. The scent of lavender is one that I use myself to help ensure restful sleep. And letting my boys enjoy the benefits is as simple as adding a few drops to a cotton ball and tucking it into the pillowcase. Best of all, I can also help keep my boys relaxed at school AND prevent head lice by dabbing a drop of the oil behind their ears before they head out the door!


To help you ensure your family’s own good health during the busy fall season, A. Vogel is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing Bio-Strath Original Elixir, Echinaforce Junior and Aromaforce Lavender, along with an adorable Bio-Force teddy bear and drawstring bag, a $65 total value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment with a tip for keeping kids healthy during the school season.

I’m so happy to have all three of these products on hand to help ensure my boys’ health. And I’ve been so fascinated to learn about the benefits of nutritional yeast that I’ve started taking Bio-Strath myself, as well as giving it to my boys! For health supplements that will help you and your kids feel great this fall, check out the full line of products from A. Vogel and grab the ones you need for a fun, stress-free school year.

65 thoughts on “Keep Your Child Healthy this Fall with Supplements from A. Vogel-Giveaway”

  1. DONT put on anyone elses touque or hat etc…. every year the head lice letter goes around our school….
    Wash your hands, DONT share cups/water bottles
    Cover your mouth while coughing

  2. I encourage my son to eat a healthy, whole foods diet that includes lots of fresh vegetables and to take vitamins D and C.

  3. My tip for keeping kids healthy during the school season is wash and wash again those they never listened we are all sick right now!

  4. When my boys started to get a sniffle, I would get my juicer out and juice oranges, lemon and grapefruit. That always seemed to do the trip.

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