6 Ways to Create a More Zen Design in Your Room

Bringing more zen into one’s life has become increasingly popular – one way many are accomplishing that is by meditating, with some 18 million Americans now practicing meditation, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Creating a room with more zen design makes the ideal space for meditating, but it’s also perfect simply for creating a more relaxing atmosphere.


While it’s more about getting rid of clutter and going back to the basics than investing large amounts of money on furnishing and décor, hiring an expert in interior design in Houston, or wherever you happen to live, can help you achieve your dream space quicker and easier.

If you’d prefer to go about it on your own, these ideas can help you create the more tranquil space you’re looking for.

Deep Clean and Declutter

Messy rooms don’t feel very zen-like, which means the first step is to give the room a good deep cleaning by dusting, vacuuming, mopping and so on. Clutter increases stress levels, so this is also the time to donate items or toss them in the trash.

Get out the boxes and trash bags and go through everything, including dresser drawers and closets. When it comes to clothing, a good rule is that if you haven’t worn it in a year, it goes.

Once your room is decluttered and clean, you’ll immediately begin to feel calmer.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

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If your walls are dingy or painted in a stimulating bright color like red or orange, you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint. The right shade can help a small space look bigger, too! Try a dark gray/blue, which isn’t boring but provides a calm, cool vibe.

You can warm up the cool palette a bit by adding materials like wood along with natural fibers such as sea grass. A soft, neutral green like sage or celery also works well, eliciting feelings of contentment and serenity as colors taken from nature.

Relocate Mirrors

Mirrors are said to bounce off energy according to Feng Shui, which can result in restless feelings when you’re in the room. In fact, there’s even been some scientific research that’s shown mirrors may trigger stress and anxiety.

If you have mirrors in the room, consider relocating them behind closet doors or in a bathroom for a more zen design.

Use Soft Lighting


Add a more zen design by using soft lighting. You can install dimmer switches and add lamps that have fabric shades to provide a wonderful, soft glow. Layer the light by adding candles, perhaps grouped on a tray, for an extra cozy, relaxing space.

Add a Water Fountain

A small tabletop water fountain is inexpensive and a great way to add an instant touch of zen, with the sound of moving water going a long way to bring calm into a room.

Texture and Comfort

Adding texture can keep your room from feeling bland while creating the look and feel of comfort. Think soft throws like sheepskin tossed over a chair or a fluffy wool rug on the floor.

With these quick and easy updates, any room can become a haven that will have you feeling calm and relaxed instantly. When you get started with your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget to use a few of these simple tips to add some zen to your favourite rooms!

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  1. Your post is making me so ready to get cleaning!! You’ve thought of everything. Thank you for these tips. I think I am going to do it right this time and clean area rugs and carpet in my home to really start off with a blank canvas. It’s amazing how much better a good deep clean can make you feel!

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