10 Ways To Have a Special Easter at Home

If you’re used to a big Easter celebration, your plans this year might look a bit different than in years past. But that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun!

There are lots of ways you can still have a special Easter at home this year with the kiddos. Here are ten ideas that are sure to make your Easter at home fun and memorable for the whole family!


1. Attend Church Services Online

Many families who celebrate Easter attend church services that morning. Just because you’re having Easter at home this year doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the church fun!

Queue up the early morning service online, and use an HDMI cable to connect your electronic device to your TV screen if you don’t have a smart TV. You can enjoy the service in the comfort of your own home!

Get really in the spirit by dressing up. Kids tend to thrive when they stick to a routine, and dressing up for online service is a way to do that.

2. Have an At-Home Easter Hunt

Even if you’re used to having a big gathering of kids hunting eggs come Easter, you can still set up an Easter basket for the kids this year, filled with all their favorite goodies.

Hide it somewhere unique in your home, or give them empty baskets and send them on an at-home hunt for all their basket gifts. Create riddles for them to solve that will have them on the hunt for their candy and toys. It’s a fun way to get their pent-up energy out, too!

3. Cook an Easter Meal Together

Looking for the perfect activity to do at home this year? Have an Easter meal! Get all the fixings at your weekly grocery store run and then spend Easter cooking your feast.

The best part? You won’t have to cook for the rest of the week! And kids will love the opportunity to help out in the kitchen. Give them some simple tasks, such as cracking the eggs into the bowl or setting the timer, especially if they’re very young and don’t have much experience in the kitchen.


4. Bake Easter Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Even if you don’t have kids in your home this Easter, baking has a lot of benefits that make it a great activity to do!

There are all kinds of different cookies to choose from, too. Whether you bake sugar cookies shaped like Easter eggs, snickerdoodles or these adorable Bird’s Nest Cookies, you’ll love sharing the tasty results when you’re done!

5. Decorate Your House

Decorating for Easter is another activity you can do with the kids this year! Put a garden sign out or place a mat at the front door. Choose bright pastels for your outdoor Easter decorations, too!

Yellows, purples, greens, pinks…you can neutralize them with white or gray. Break out the sidewalk chalk and have the kids create springtime masterpieces on the walkway up to your home or in the driveway. You’d be surprised at the artwork they can come up with!

6. Dye Some Easter Eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without dying some Easter eggs! Add food coloring to vinegar and carefully dip eggs into it and then lay them on a rack to dry.

To create unique designs on your Easter eggs, you can tape down washi tape around the egg! Use different widths for a truly unique design. Or give these easy Marble Easter Eggs a try!

Don’t forget to hard-boil your eggs before dying them so you don’t crack them and have raw egg spilled everywhere!

7. Get Some Easter Coloring Books

Easter coloring books are filled with pages of eggs, bunnies, ducks, and lots of other Easter-themed scenes. Coloring is a great way to decrease anxiety, too. It’s perfect for kids and families who have spent the last year at home without much social interaction.

Make sure to get an adult coloring book for the adults in the home so that no one’s left out of the coloring fun! You can even get a spring-themed coloring book if you don’t celebrate Easter for religious reasons.

With so many floral scenes, spring-themed coloring books are great ways to express creativity and relieve stress!


8. Host a Virtual Easter Party

Send out some e-vites to all your friends and family and have a virtual Easter party this year! Mail out boxes filled with Easter treats and decorations–plus, get everyone matching personalized Easter shirts to wear while on video with each other.

Even if you can’t be together this Easter, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid talking to them! This is especially perfect for parents who have adult kids who are out of the home or away at school. Since most college spring breaks don’t line up with the Easter holiday, they may not be able to come home based on their school’s health and safety guidelines.

Having a virtual Easter party can ensure they stay safe and healthy, while giving you a chance to interact with them on the holiday!

9. Plant Some Flowers

Get outside this Easter and plant some flowers! Give the kids their own gardening tools and have them help you with simple tasks in the garden.

You can plant some traditional spring blooms, or some later-blooming flowers that you can enjoy in the summer. The kids will love the chance to get dirty and play outside!

It’s also a great way to get vitamin D. Just make sure you have lots of water on hand and take breaks! Gardening is a lot of work, especially if you’re pulling up rotten roots or transferring flowers around.

10. Send Out Easter Cards

Writing Easter cards is a classic activity for kids. They can send heartfelt messages to all your friends and family. Get a bulk set of Easter cards and personalize them with unique messages from each child.

Send them to grandparents, aunts and uncles or even their friends. Getting a card in the mail can make a lot of people feel very happy–and it can be so unexpected!

If the kids are old enough, use this as an opportunity to teach them how to address envelopes, too. It’s usually not taught in schools.

A quiet Easter at home may not be what your family is used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t all have a great time. In fact, once you start some new Easter traditions, you may just decide it’s better than a big party after all!

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