Put the Phone Down and Enter #HolidayMode this Christmas with TELUS

Running a website, it goes without saying that I’m on my phone a lot. But if ever there was a time to put down the phone and focus on the present, it’s during the holidays. And this year my amazing phone company TELUS challenged me and a few of my friends to put down our phones and enjoy catching up on life at a festive lunch as we entered “Holiday Mode.”

The mission was simple. All our phones went in the middle of the table and were off limits until the end of the meal. And as a reward for shutting off and catching up, TELUS footed the bill! I headed out with a few of the fellow mothers that I visit with at the boys’ activities and prepared for some tech-free quality time!

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Giving #TOMSforTarget this Christmas Helps Give Essentials to Those in Need-Giveaway #SeasonsTweetings

Between kids clamouring for presents, parents rushing around to special events and all the other hustle and bustle that the holidays bring, it can sometimes be easy to forget that so many people are wishing for nothing more than a hot meal or a warm coat for Christmas. But Christmas is, above all else, a season of giving…not just to friends and family but also to those in need. And that’s something that I make sure to incorporate into the holidays each year in some way.

My personal favourite cause to support is the city’s Food Bank. In a country of such abundance, the thought of children being raised without enough food is one that breaks my heart. And what many people don’t realize is that it’s not always the hunger itself that’s most damaging to a child. It’s the fear and insecurity of not knowing where the next meal is coming from that can haunt a child for years.

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Easy and Delicious White Chocolate Cranberry Squares Make a Great Edible Gift for Christmas #whatscooking

One of my very favourite gifts to give during the holiday season is something I’ve made myself, and since I love to cook that usually means something to eat! Kraft products are a staple in my kitchen when the holidays roll around, whether I’m making my famous Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares or a tasty Marshmallow Nougat.

Since the holidays are also a busy time, though, my edible gifts for Christmas giving tend to be quick and easy so that I can whip up a few different treats in an afternoon and still have time for Christmas fun. And one of my personal favourite treats is White Chocolate Cranberry Squares!

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Giveaways Ending December 21

Mommy Kat and Kids has five great giveaways ending December 21!

If you haven’t already, make sure you get your entries in! Good luck everyone!

Fabulous Friday Giveaway Linky

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The Martello Café Stilista Primeo System is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Coffee Fans-Giveaway

It’s no secret how much I love coffee, and up until now I thought I’d tried just about every possible way to brew up the perfect cup. But making a really good espresso is one of those things that I’d just never managed to master. Traditional espresso machines are so hard to operate, and capsule systems generally cost so much both for the machine and the capsules that they’re just not practical for everyday use.

martello stilista primeo machine

That’s something that the Martello Café was determined to change. The company’s new at-home capsule brewing system features freshly ground Italian roasted coffee carefully sealed into capsules to ensure a fresh and delicious espresso beverage any time of the day. With all the functionality of a more expensive machine at a fraction of the price, it’s a great choice for any coffee lover on your shopping list this Christmas! [Read more...]

Warm Up with this Hearty Vegetarian Potato and Onion Frittata Recipe #LilPotatoCo

One of the things I love about potatoes is how versatile they are, and there’s just no better potatoes than the ones from Little Potato Company when I’m in the mood for something hearty and delicious. These Canadian-grown potatoes are tender, quick to prepare and can be used to make all kinds of tasty dishes. Personally, I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner so when I received a variety of potatoes from Little Potato Company and was challenged to cook with them, I decided to whip up an easy and delicious Potato and Onion Frittata!

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Duracell Helps #PowerSmiles on the Holidays-Giveaway #PGMom

No matter what toys are on my boys’ wish list when the holidays roll around, there’s one item that’s always on my wish list…Duracell batteries. At least one or two of the presents my boys receive are sure to need batteries and I can trust Duracell to provide power that lasts all through Christmas. From video game controllers to remote control cars, the most popular toys always seem to be the ones that need batteries!

duracell quantum batteries

This year, Duracell teamed up with Hasbro to let me test out one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, along with the Duracell Quantum batteries to power it. The Transformers: Age of Extinction Chomp & Stomp Grimlock is sure to be a favourite with any Transformers fans in the household and with two boys to shop for, this toy was a must on my list! [Read more...]