That Meaningful Connection with Somebody Special…It’s the #CheeriosEffect-Giveaway

Have you heard of the Cheerios Effect? It’s not exactly a celebration of cereal; it’s actually a real scientific principle that you can test out at home. Drop two Cheerios into a bowl of milk and eventually they will float together and connect. And just like Cheerios, we humans are hard-wired to be drawn to one another and seek out our own connections in a similar way.

I’ve had a few especially meaningful connections in my lifetime, but one of my most memorable was with my best blogging friend Jen. We first started just casually chatting online. I’d actually been a little shy about reaching out to other bloggers and she helped me realize that there was an entire supportive community that I could join. Similarly, I helped her with some of the finicky back-end things involved in running a website.

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Fabulous Friday Giveaway Linky

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Girls Will Love the Twisted Fun of New Monster High Freaky Fusion Movie and Dolls-Giveaway

Friendly, fashion-forward and just a little freaky…that’s the best way to describe the ghoulfriends of Monster High! These quirky characters are a huge hit with school-aged girls and now the Monster High crew is enjoying new adventures in the recently released movie Monster High Freaky Fusion! Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

monster high freaky fusion blu-ray como pack

During the Bite-Centennial, the ghouls discover an old scientist’s workshop and travel back 200 years to the beginning of Monster High. But when they try to get home, they go through a vortex that fuses some of the ghouls together! With the help of the Hybrids, the new monsters in school, they learn how to control their combined flaws and together face their greatest challenge…to Save Frankie! [Read more...]

Halloweeen Tricks and Treats for Healthy Teeth from Orajel and Arm & Hammer Spinbrush

Calling all ghosts, ghouls and goblins! This All Hallows’ Eve, while wicked witches are brewing their cauldrons and zombies are creeping through the night, we suspect that you and your kids will be chanting “trick or treat!” With all the candy enjoyed this Halloween, it’s important to take care of those pearly whites. Luckily with the great Arm & Hammer™, Spinbrush™ and Orajel™ products, you can ensure that your costume does the scaring and not your teeth.

orajel and arm & hammer spinbrush kids

Personally, my boys enjoy brushing their teeth a lot more when they have fun toothbrushes to use. The new Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Super Mario Bros Toothbrush lets kids brush their teeth with their favourite Super Mario character. Zackary and Benjamin have been obsessed with Super Mario for years, so these new brushes are sure to be a hit with them! With any kids brush, it’s important that the design works for their unique needs. Look for a toothbrush that is designed with a smaller brush head (best for smaller mouths) and a brush head that helps remove plaque and massage gums. Battery powered toothbrushes are a great option for kids as it makes tooth brushing time that much more fun. [Read more...]

Try New Weaver’s Hakrz Delight Coffee and Support Girls in Tech-Giveaway

A few years ago I discovered the organic, artisan-roasted coffee of Weaver’s Coffee & Tea and it’s been one of my favourite brands ever since. In the morning, I wake up with a bright and refreshing cup of Weaver’s Astral Blend coffee that has me feeling good all day. At night, I unwind with the absolutely decadent Mango Black tea with just a splash of milk. To me, Weaver’s embodies the high quality and complex flavour I love in coffee and tea, while also being a company that’s dedicated to social responsibility and eco-friendliness.

Now, Weaver’s Coffee & Tea has a brand new coffee blend to offer and it supports a very special cause. New Hakrz Delight is a blend of delectable coffee beans from Africa, Indonesia, Latin America and Ethiopia. And the purchase of the coffee supports the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship around the world through a partnership with Girls in Tech.

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Save 5% On Your Target Canada Purchases with the Target REDcard

As a bit of a shopaholic, it’s no wonder that I love Target Canada. Fabulous selection, exclusive brands, great prices…what more could a woman in the mood for some serious retail therapy ask for? But while I’ve already fallen in love with the convenience of shopping at Target for everything from pet supplies to electronics, the company is still always committed to finding new ways to offer more to its customers. And the Target REDcard is a perfect example of that!

I’d heard quite a bit about the Target REDcard program, which gives holders an immediate five percent savings on their purchases. But I only recently applied for my own REDcard and I am now kicking myself for not doing it sooner! The automatic savings are so nice and the different card options make this a sensible choice for almost anyone.

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Charge All Your Household’s Devices Easily with the Eggtronic HUB IT Sync & Charge Station-Giveaway

Running a website, it goes without saying that my house has quite a bit of technology. In fact, I have two different phones, a tablet, a small digital video camera and a DSLR that I use on a regular basis. I have charge cords for all of them but I must admit that I often misplace my chargers and end up having to hunt around for the specific one that I need. And since they all have different types of connectors, I can’t necessarily use one cable for all my devices.

Eggtronic understands the challenges of charging multiple devices and the company has come up with a solution that is sleek, stylish and incredibly convenient. The HUB IT Sync & Charge Station features five different types of charging connectors in one convenient base so that families can charge up to seven different devices all at the same time! With two different iPhone connectors, a Micro USB connector, a Mini USB connector and three USB 3.0 hubs, there’s no device in my house that I can’t charge with the HUB IT!

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Learn to Read for FREE with a 4 WEEK Trial of Reading Eggs!

Reading Eggs provides a comprehensive range of online reading lessons and e-books that teach kids ages 3-13 the literacy skills needed for a lifetime of reading success. Over 90% of parents using Reading Eggs report a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading skills because the program makes learning phonics and basic reading skills fun. Your child can progress through the one-on-one lessons at their own pace and you can track their learning with regular progress reports and assessments.

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