The 4 Toronto Restaurants Everyone Should Experience

Toronto is a city that really has a bit of everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to food. Virtually any culinary creation imaginable is available in the city, from exotic cuisine to locally sourced delicacies. Needless to say, deciding which restaurant to visit when evening rolls around is no easy task! But these four highly acclaimed choices are sure to satisfy your craving for great food when you’re touring the T-Dot.

four toronto restaurants to visit

Best Thai Restaurant – Golden Thai

The popular Golden Thai restaurant is conveniently located in downtown Toronto and has been a top destination for food-lovers for more than twenty years. There are a variety of Thai specialties to choose from and literally something for everyone considering the menu has over sixty different categories! While the Phad Thai is a favourite for its enticing blend of flavours, the Golden Thai Classics are a great choice for couples or families that want to try a bit of everything. [Read more...]

Cut the Cord and Enjoy Your Music with Jabra Step Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds-Giveaway

One of the most frustrating things about headphones and earbuds is that the connector often breaks before the headphones themselves do. In fact, on a recent plane trip I had to hold the connector of my favourite pair of earbuds into the outlet through my entire flight because it wasn’t registering otherwise.

That’s why when I love using wireless earbuds for my phone. And for inexpensive yet high-quality earbuds, Jabra is a great choice. The company specializes in providing affordable headsets and earbuds with plenty of great features and recently the company sent me its new Jabra Step Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds so that I could check them out for myself.

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Fabulous Friday Giveaway Linky

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Check Out These 4 Must-Visit Family Attractions in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta is a fun-filled city with plenty of entertainment. And it’s also one of the top family destinations in Canada. There are all kinds of family-friendly activities available in the city but if you’re looking for some sure-to-please activities, these four Calgary attractions are ones that you have to experience.

calgary alberta family friendly attractions

Calgary Zoo

School-aged children will love seeing so many animals up close and the Calgary Zoo is home to many different species of animals ranging from elephants to penguins to bison. One of the best things about the zoo is that in addition to the animal exhibits, visitors can explore botanical gardens and a prehistoric park that is currently being upgraded with animatronic dinosaurs. There’s even a large playground for kids to burn off their energy while parents relax and recharge! [Read more...]

Giveaways Ending November 21

Mommy Kat and Kids has two great giveaways ending November 21!

If you haven’t already, make sure you get your entries in! Good luck everyone!

TELUS Inspires Today’s Youth Through We Day and the We365 App

For the last three years I’ve had the privilege of attending We Day Saskatchewan and I always come out of the event impressed by the passion of today’s youth and inspired to make a bigger difference in the world myself. Teaching my boys about social responsibility and supporting the causes they believe in is a big part of that and this year I decided that my eight-year-old son Zackary was finally old enough to attend We Day with me.

zack at we day press pass

TELUS has been a proud sponsor of We Day each time I attended and this year was no exception. I’ve been a TELUS customer for a long time and while that’s partially because the company offers such amazing smartphone plans, it’s also because of its passion for bettering the world. The ongoing sponsorship of We Day is a perfect example of that.

kathryn lavallee zackary captain phillips

Meeting Captain Phillips!

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Eat Better This Winter with Fall Picks from The Healthy Shopper-Giveaway

I’ve always felt that one of the best ways to live a healthier lifestyle is to make simple, sensible food choices rather than obsessing about the exact amount of calories and fat in certain foods. Natural, organic food is always a good choice for fuelling the body and that’s why I love discovering the newest healthy choices available thanks to The Healthy Shopper!

The Healthy Shopper is Canada’s only coupon book especially dedicated to natural and organic products. And this fall, the company has some great new top picks for anyone that wants to eat a little healthier during these cold winter months.

made good granola bites

My personal favourite product was the new Olympic Dairy Chia Yoghurt. I often add Chia seeds to my yoghurt because the crunchy little seeds boost the protein and fibre in my meals. Now Olympic Dairy has made enjoying Chia seeds even easier for me! I also loved the Made Good granola bars and granola minis. These organic bars are nut-free and contain whole grains with six essential vitamins. But the best part is that they’re absolutely delicious! [Read more...]