Get Your Home Ready For Fall in 4 Simple Steps

Fall for our family is a return to routine, from full school days to extra-curricular activities, but it is also a time to clean and organize my home for the coming months. There are a few different jobs I schedule for the fall and this year, preparing for cold weather will be even easier with a little help from ARM & HAMMER™ and OxiClean™. Here are four easy tips to help you get your home clean and ready for the new season!

fall leaves

Clean Up and Close Up

With summer winding down, get a head start on readying your patio or cottage for fall. Wipe down lawn furniture, the BBQ and summer toys before storing them for the year. ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda provides a safe and gentle alternative to chemical cleaning products to effectively combat summer dirt and grime, leaving everything clean for next summer. [Read more...]

Winner-August 21

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the August 21 giveaway!

  • Febreze #noseblind Prize Pack-$50 Value – 656 – Dee A.

Dee has 72 hours to respond to the email I sent or I will draw another winner. Thanks so much to everyone that entered!

Kids Will Love the Nutty Taste of #DarePeanutFree Bear Paws and Wagon Wheels with Wowbutter-Giveaway

I’m very lucky to have two boys that so far don’t have any food allergies, but of course not everyone we know is so lucky. Our small-town school is very reasonable about peanut allergies and each year the teachers inventory the students and limit foods allowed in lunches on a class-by-class basis. The first few years, Zackary was still able to take peanut butter sandwiches and other nut-filled treats to school, as nobody in his class was allergic. But this year both of my boys have children with peanut allergies in their class.

dare bear paws and wagon wheels wowbutter

That means I need to be careful when I’m packing snacks because, as the teachers say, if a snack isn’t labelled as being peanut-free, it’s not safe to send to school. So I was thrilled to learn about the new Dare Bear Paws and Wagon Wheels snacks made with Wowbutter! These treats use peanut-free Wowbutter, a spread that tastes just like peanut butter, to let kids enjoy a great nutty-tasting treat without actually eating nuts! [Read more...]

Winners-August 15

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the August 15 giveaways!

  • T-fal Jamie Oliver Professional 9pc. Cookware Set-$700 Value – 7503- Valerie M.
  • Mercola Pure Power Protein Bars-2 Cases-$66 Value – 2557 – Jesse S.
  • Church & Dwight Parenting Prize Pack-$100 Value – 1152 – Stephanie L.

Winners, you have 72 hours to respond to the email I sent or I will draw another winner. Thanks so much to everyone that entered!

Ford Canada’s 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Tailgating

Living in Saskatchewan, it goes without saying that tailgating is a big thing when football season kicks off. And recently I had the chance to visit the Regina Farmer’s Market and see how Ford Canada is helping to turn tailgating into an eco-friendly experience with the help of the 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid.

boys tailgating ford c-max

While the big push towards eco-friendly vehicles is partly due to a desire to protect our environment, it’s also a result of wanting to save money…especially with gas prices rising all the time! That’s what makes the C-MAX Hybrid such a perfect vehicle for heading to the game with friends. And to help make your next tailgating party more eco-friendly, Ford has some great tips for you!

ford eco-friendly tailgating tips [Read more...]

Freshen Your Home and Enhance Your Decor with Lampe Berger Paris-Giveaway

Living in a century-old house means that there are often areas that smell a little musty, especially when the weather starts to change. I have a few different air fresheners I like and an air purifier in the living room, but I’m always on the lookout for new solutions that might work even better and recently I found one that’s perfect for quickly freshening an individual room.

Lampe Berger Paris lamps are beautiful glass canisters that hold a scented home fragrance fuel. By simply lighting the lamp for a few minutes, blowing it out and putting on the diffuser top, the lamp removes unpleasant odours from the air while at the same time adding a wonderful fragrance to your home. I received a lamp and a bottle of Chocolate Indulgence Home Fragrance to try for myself and I was eager to see just how effective the Lampe Berger lamp was.

lampe berger lamp [Read more...]

Let Your Kids Blast Up Some Fun with BOOMco Toys from Mattel #BOOMcoBLAST

My boys are always excited to check out the latest new toys and so when a large BOOMco box from Mattel arrived at the front door recently, Zackary and Benjamin were bouncing off the walls with excitement. This new line of blasters features fun soft tips that will stick to targets without damaging breakable household items.

boomco blasters

Luckily, we are having a week of gorgeous weather here in Saskatchewan, so we headed outside to let the boys test out the blasters. The little CLIPFIRE blasters were especially popular since they were easy to load and had great range. After practicing with the target for a little while, the boys had a blast shooting the darts straight up into the air to see how high they would fly! [Read more...]

Increase Your Chances of Finding a Stolen Device with #ESETProtects-Giveaway

I still remember when I got my first smartphone. It was an HP Palm Pre 2 and while it had a lot of cool features, it didn’t have the large app library and added functionality that iPhone and Android products offered. Still, I used the phone for all kinds of different notes, sharing and schedules and I would have been in a panic if I had lost it.

In fact, I once thought my phone had been stolen after a dinner with family and I broke down in tears almost immediately. Luckily, somebody in the van we had been driving heard a buzzing in the seat of the vehicle and discovered my phone pushed down in the seat cushions. Since the sound had been turned down, I had thought it was gone. I was so happy to find it again!

eset anti theft

I’ve been through many phones since then and I use my current phone for absolutely everything. From scheduling appointments to paying bills to answering emails, my phone helps keep my business and my family organized. So the thought of losing it is so horrible that I almost can’t imagine it. That’s why discovering ESET was so exciting to me. [Read more...]