Refresh Your Spring Beauty Routine with Simple Homemade Body Scrub and Eucerin Lotion #shop

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eucerin beauty routine for summer

I have incredibly soft skin and it’s something that I want to maintain for as long as possible. So I’m quite proactive about making sure that my skin stays healthy and moisturized. Unfortunately, living in Saskatchewan and dealing with its harsh winter weather, that can be difficult to do! This winter was an especially hard one, but it’s finally come to a close and now that it has, I want to step up my beauty routine and ensure that I’m ready to bare a little skin this summer!

body scrub and ingredients

Healthy skin is something that I achieve in two simple steps: exfoliating and moisturizing. For exfoliation, I often make my own body scrub using kosher salt or sea salt, olive oil and essential oil. It works great and leaves my skin so smooth. And best of all, it takes just minutes to make! [Read more...]

Enter the Great Canadian #ChickenChallenge and a @ChickenFarmers Twitter Party

I love cooking with chicken. It’s delicious, versatile and the entire family loves it. But I have to admit that I sometimes get into a rut and end up cooking the same handful of chicken recipes over and over. And considering how many delicious chicken dishes there are in the world, that’s just silly! But luckily for me, Chicken Farmers of Canada is on a mission to inspire some new creations with the introduction of the Great Canadian Chicken Challenge!

To participate, you’ll have to get creative with your chicken by submitting a unique recipe containing four required ingredients: chicken thighs, gingerale, quinoa and mango. Personally, I think these flavours could be blended to create a delicious oriental dish, but I could also envision a pretty tasty Hawaiian meal too! One thing is certain though…creating a dish with these four ingredients is sure to shake anyone out of their chicken recipe rut!

chicken challenge graphic [Read more...]

Get Cheesy! Three Gourmet Grilled Cheese Recipes for National Grilled Cheese Month #whatscooking

If there’s one thing that I make no secret of, it’s my love of cheese. Of all the foods in the world, it is quite easily my favourite and I add it to virtually any dish I can think of. I make all kinds of meals with cheese, but for a quick lunch or an afternoon snack, there’s simply nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich made with Kraft Singles cheese slices.

gourmet grilled cheese ingredients

As luck would have it, April is National Grilled Cheese Month, and since I definitely don’t wait until April to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, I wanted to do something extra special to commemorate the event. And so the Grilled Cheese Party was born! The boys and I created three gourmet twists on the classic grilled cheese sandwich with the help of an array of different toppings and bread. If you love grilled cheese, you will definitely want to try one of these tasty variations! [Read more...]

A Family Night Out with the Harlem Globetrotters #ptpaGlobies

harlem globetrotters logo

From the time I was a child, I was fascinated by the Harlem Globetrotters. Their talent and high energy was so appealing to me and even before I fully understood the game of basketball, I wanted to see them in action. I never did get to see a game in my youth but luckily for me, I recently got the chance not just to take my boys to a Harlem Globetrotters game, but also to take part in a “meet and greet” photo session with one of the players!

hacksaw and benjamin harlem globetrotters

Benjamin and Hacksaw chatting at the game!

The PTPA Award-Winning Harlem Globetrotters are fan favourites with good reason. I knew from watching clips of their performances that I could expect to see some hilarious antics and some truly amazing basketball moves. What I didn’t realize until going to my first game was just how much the Harlem Globetrotters genuinely love performing and interacting with kids. From the minute the announcer directed us backstage for our photo session, every player that we saw was just as excited to be there as the kids watching.

harlem globetrotters regina saskatchewan

The Globetrotters hit the court!

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Get Guaranteed Thicker, Denser-Looking Hair with NIOXIN Haircare-Giveaway #PGMom

For some reason even though many women put a lot of effort into ensuring that they take care of their aging skin, aging hair rarely gets the same attention. Yet as we get older, hair often gets finer, thinner and more brittle, especially after pregnancy. Personally, while I have lots of hair, it’s very fine and prone to breakage, which makes it hard to style and manage sometimes. So I was excited to try the new NIOXIN Hair System for fine and thinning hair. The system was especially designed for noticeably thinning hair and guarantees thicker, denser-looking hair in just 30 days.

I received the NIOXIN Thinning Hair System 2 to review and it only took a few uses for me to fall in love with it. The system works in three different ways. First, it provides thicker-looking hair by increasing the fullness of each hair strand. Secondly, it helps clean away follicle-clogging sebum for a healthier scalp. And third, it strengthens each strand against breakage and damage.

nioxin system 2 haircare [Read more...]

Winners-March 31

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the March 31 giveaways!

  • Church & Dwight Winter Warrior Prize Pack-Winner 1 – 18 – Barthanar Y.
  • Church & Dwight Winter Warrior Prize Pack-Winner 2 – 288 – Gizele F.
  • McDonald’s Canada Hockey Parent Survival Kit-$50 Value – 1507 – Angela M.
  • Bright Star Kids Mega Name Labels Value Kit-$60 Value – 29 – Lisa H.
  • TELUS Samsung Galaxy GS3 Mini Smartphone-$450 Value – 1430 – Wendy G.

Winners, you have 72 hours to respond to the email I sent or I will draw another winner. Thanks so much to everyone that entered!

Houses Smell Fresh with New Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filters #MomTrust

It’s funny how quickly a mother forgets the smell of dirty diapers once her kids are potty trained, yet how quick the memory returns when there is a baby in the house once more. When my boys were younger, a Diaper Genie was a product that I’d often thought about buying, but I never actually followed through. The smell of dirty diapers was something that I just got used to after a while, but I was sure happy when those diaper days were over!

mom and baby with teethease necklace

Then my sister came to visit for a week and with not one, but two little ones in diapers, that distinctive scent was once again filling my house. And I was shocked at just how strong it was! My sister actually has a Diaper Genie in her own house, but since Playtex had just released a brand new Diaper Genie Carbon Filter to help eliminate smells even better, I decided the timing was perfect to set up my own Diaper Genie and see how the filters worked in it. [Read more...]

Win a Playstation 4 in this Fun Group Giveaway

Mommy Kat and Kids wanted to thank all of our awesome fans, so we decided to partner up with a whole bunch of different bloggers and businesses for a Playstation 4 giveaway! I know how many families would love to have a Playstation for themselves and we thought that we’d help one more family have one!

Entering is easy; just follow these great blogs on Facebook and then complete as many bonus entries as you like by following the sites on Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms. You may just win yourself the hottest new gaming system available! This giveaway is open to USA/CAN 18+ (excluding Quebec) and void where prohibited This giveaway ends May 2/2014. [Read more...]