Try New Weaver’s Hakrz Delight Coffee and Support Girls in Tech-Giveaway

A few years ago I discovered the organic, artisan-roasted coffee of Weaver’s Coffee & Tea and it’s been one of my favourite brands ever since. In the morning, I wake up with a bright and refreshing cup of Weaver’s Astral Blend coffee that has me feeling good all day. At night, I unwind with the absolutely decadent Mango Black tea with just a splash of milk. To me, Weaver’s embodies the high quality and complex flavour I love in coffee and tea, while also being a company that’s dedicated to social responsibility and eco-friendliness.

Now, Weaver’s Coffee & Tea has a brand new coffee blend to offer and it supports a very special cause. New Hakrz Delight is a blend of delectable coffee beans from Africa, Indonesia, Latin America and Ethiopia. And the purchase of the coffee supports the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship around the world through a partnership with Girls in Tech.

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Save 5% On Your Target Canada Purchases with the Target REDcard

As a bit of a shopaholic, it’s no wonder that I love Target Canada. Fabulous selection, exclusive brands, great prices…what more could a woman in the mood for some serious retail therapy ask for? But while I’ve already fallen in love with the convenience of shopping at Target for everything from pet supplies to electronics, the company is still always committed to finding new ways to offer more to its customers. And the Target REDcard is a perfect example of that!

I’d heard quite a bit about the Target REDcard program, which gives holders an immediate five percent savings on their purchases. But I only recently applied for my own REDcard and I am now kicking myself for not doing it sooner! The automatic savings are so nice and the different card options make this a sensible choice for almost anyone.

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Charge All Your Household’s Devices Easily with the Eggtronic HUB IT Sync & Charge Station-Giveaway

Running a website, it goes without saying that my house has quite a bit of technology. In fact, I have two different phones, a tablet, a small digital video camera and a DSLR that I use on a regular basis. I have charge cords for all of them but I must admit that I often misplace my chargers and end up having to hunt around for the specific one that I need. And since they all have different types of connectors, I can’t necessarily use one cable for all my devices.

Eggtronic understands the challenges of charging multiple devices and the company has come up with a solution that is sleek, stylish and incredibly convenient. The HUB IT Sync & Charge Station features five different types of charging connectors in one convenient base so that families can charge up to seven different devices all at the same time! With two different iPhone connectors, a Micro USB connector, a Mini USB connector and three USB 3.0 hubs, there’s no device in my house that I can’t charge with the HUB IT!

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Help Care for Your Family’s Sensitive Skin with New Tide Pods Free & Gentle-Giveaway

Skin sensitivity is something that I’ve known quite a bit about ever since I was a child. My younger sister suffered from severe eczema when she was little and used to wake up screaming in the night because she was itching so badly. When we grew up and had our own children, my boys dealt with some mild irritations and allergies of their own and my oldest niece suffered from the same severe eczema as my sister once had.

Needless to say, I’ve done my fair share of research into ways to minimize skin irritation. And if your family ever has negative skin reactions, Canadian dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki has some great tips to help avoid allergic reactions and other skin sensitivity issues!

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Baking Up Fun with New Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes

If there’s one thing that the average parent could use more of, it’s time. Being busy is one of the hallmark traits of being a parent and I’m certainly no exception! As a result, I’ve learned numerous shortcuts so that I can accomplish my tasks even when I feel like I don’t have enough time to do so!

Of course, a shortcut is no good if it doesn’t still produce the results I want and that’s why I was so excited to try the new Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes. The mixes promised homemade taste in a convenient mix that could go from box to oven in just five minutes and as an avid baker that rarely has enough time to bake, the concept was a dream come true to me.

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Nourish Your Skin Gently with the New Live Clean Fresh Face Collection-Giveaway

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the naturally sourced skin, hair and body care products from Live Clean. And part of the reason I love the brand so much is that it’s always coming up with new innovations. The recently launched Live Clean Fresh Face collection is a perfect example and I received three of the new products to test out for myself recently.

Skincare is something I’ve struggled with for years. On the one hand, being in my thirties means that I need products that moisturize and protect my face. On the other hand, hormonal acne breakouts mean that I still need products that are gentle on my face and won’t clog pores. The new Live Clean Fresh Face products combine the best of both worlds with their hypoallergenic formula made with plant-based ingredients.

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Heal Minor Wounds Faster with Nexcare Tegaderm Dressings and Other Nexcare Products-Giveaway

My energy-filled boys get their fair share of bumps and scrapes in the course of their days and I have to admit that I’m often sporting just as many little injuries as they are. While bandages are always in the cupboards as a result, it wasn’t until last year that I discovered Nexcare bandages. The tight-sealing, waterproof bandages are the same ones used in hospitals and I love how easy they are to apply compared to traditional bandages as well as how much better they are at staying in place covering a wound.

Now Nexcare is innovating once again with its new Tegaderm dressings. These bandages take a new healing concept that is currently mostly used in hospitals, called moist healing, to help minor injuries heal faster and with less pain. Unlike the dry healing method, which allows a scab to form over a wound as the skin underneath repairs itself, moist healing seals the wound with a protective, breathable dressing that keeps the wound moist by containing the body’s fluid. I was intrigued to learn that in addition to faster and less painful healing, moist healing also generally results in less scarring as well!

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Fall is Extra Delicious with New Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzlecorn from Popcorn, Indiana-Giveaway

Popcorn is one of those snacks that I tend to forget about unless I’m at the movies, but it’s one of my absolute favourite treats when I do buy it. And while good old-fashioned buttered popcorn will always be something I love, I have to admit that I can’t resist some of the tastier gourmet popcorn snacks available. So when I heard about the new Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzlecorn from Popcorn, Indiana, I knew I had to see what it was like.

chocolate peanut butter drizzlecorn

Popcorn, Indiana specializes in fresh, delicious popcorn in a variety of flavours ranging from sweet and salty Kettlecorn to traditional buttery popcorn to decadent Drizzlecorn. And considering the fact that October is National Popcorn Month and November is National Peanut Butter Month, this brand new popcorn treat was clearly something that was meant to be! I received a case containing a few varieties of Popcorn, Indiana popcorn including new Peanut Butter Drizzlecorn to review and I was so excited to experience the blissful combination of peanut butter, chocolate and popcorn. [Read more...]